Sunday, 15 February 2009


This is still part of the chair project, these are my ten roughs of a story based around an event that happened in 1969, the year my chair was designed.

Black sabbath formed, but not nearly excitingly enough as anyone might hope, so I decided to create my own version of events.

1. One day in the depths of hell, the devil was just hanging out with some of his most evil pals, when he started to feel rather nauseous...

2. ...and so, threw his guts up into the fiery pit.

3. After examining the results of his stripy laugh, old Lucifer realised he had unleashed a force to be reckoned with...


5. Bill bargained with the devil about getting the hell out of hell.
6. Satan agreed and handed Ozzy a magic kazoo that he knew would do something but hadn't ever been figured out and had just been lying around for thousands of years.
7. Ozzy knew full well how to use the magical implement, filled it with some 60s weed and blazed it up. 8. From the thick smoke emerged a mystical wizard... 9... who gave them the keys to his Rover 10. and the lot of 'em did one to Brum to start writing for the first album! I can see a more developed and sophisticated version of this working well, maybe in some sort of comic book format. I may end up making a short black n white zine out of this...
Maybe do my own story of some other bands' early years too, or as Charlie suggested, doing a timeline of doom metal bands. That might be a larf.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

OBJECT: CHAIR (part 2)

Following on, ere are 20 alternative uses for my chair:
(well the shape of it anywho)

a toy for people with more money than sense to chase about:
a seasonal decoration (well it was seasonal when i drew it):
an instrument for the annihilation of countless yoffers:
A piece of protective gear for the old grey matter:
A tasty delicacy often melted on to grilled bread. Better on oacakes ;)
A large feathered animal:
A vessel for the drinking of tea:
A carriage less annoying than but more expensive than the bus:
A tool for the spread of tinitus, innitus:
A interplanetary galleon:
Summet for a special occassion:
Summet bloomin ridiculous
Summet else regally ridiculous:
Summet mightier than a sword:
Summet more rythmical than a pen:
Summet that provides better shelter than a drumstick:
Fangs very much:
Summet moreish:
Yer sink's blocked up. How peculiar. Maybe you might find this useful:
Something to sit at:

I'm definately doing more modular construction work form now on. Favourite is the guitar...
Guitars or just instruments might reappear at some stage as a theme series...

har har!

Monday, 2 February 2009

OBJECT: CHAIR (part 1)

The chair I chose was the 'Mies Chair' designed by Archizoom Associati in 1969 and manufactured by Poltranova.
I originally chose this one because I thought the latex deck-chair style seat part was actually a metal panel (on a black n white photo), thus making the chair highly impractical and awkward.
I found it funny and was a little disappointed to find out that it's latex.
Oh well.

I couldn't really find many pictures of Archizoom Associati, and the one I did find was tiny and only showed 4 out of 6 of my chair's designers... So I made the other 2 up completely.

I looked at geometric architectural styles as these would have been the optimum surroundings for the Mies chair.
Also furniture designed around the same time period.

and the combination of the last 2, cumulating in researching late 60s interiors.
Here's the chair in one of the rooms.
This was a strange interior, with a foam floor that you and all yer hippy mates would sit around on having a mass debate in the late 60s.
In 1969, the following was going on:

Charlie Manson & co. are hacking bods up all over the shop. Sharon Tate in particular.
Sly & The Family Stone release their "Stand" LP
The infamous Woodstock festival takes place
A badly drawn Led Zeppelin release their first 2 albums.
Jimi Hendrix is arrested for posession of narcotics.
First artificial heart transplant
The halfpenny is no longer legal tender
and more importantly than the moon landing,
About time!!!
Who did the chair belong to?
Well I couldn't find any images of the actual people, but i found a museum's website with names of donators and suchlike so I just drew what I imagined they would look like.

There were only 3 names though, so again, I just made the rest up based on stereotypes of 60s people who might be able to afford such a beaut.

What was it made from / How was it made?

Funny you should ask.

Pony skin, for one. Acquired by skinning ponies
Chromed steel, made through smelting i would guess and put together using welding.
Latex, made from oil, by melting?
Glass (light bulbs), made by heating sand.

I think This section of the project went successfully, I used "1000 chairs" from the library to find a chair and then researched more about the year using wikipedia. I then gathered imagery to adapt from books in the library (some "rock" books or other, a book of stills from roman polanski's film about manson, etc etc..)
For a research project i reckon i got it about right.