Tuesday, 21 February 2012


An extra from my 33rpm project. In the final effort I used a black and white version of this, so this hasn't really been seen before.
They're my imaginary skinhead street-punk band.

My 5 'Comic Assault' Pages, plus 'The Prison Release Incident'

An evil being marked with the number of the near-beast (665) and his conjoined idiot foetus (+1). For my friend Fin who had trouble with a bouncer in Stoke for "being cheeky."Doleboy wakes up late to sign on and in his haste to leave his yard, causes himself a mischief.

Mr. Incident's barbershop. ('ah fuck, I can't believe you done this' stuck in as a nod to this youtube classic)
The joy of living with others...
Loraine - based on the LKJ song of the same name...
Mr. Incident strikes again... This was in the exhibition, but not the book:

3 that didn't make it onto the ska flash

Sunday, 12 February 2012

More from the ship

Ska / Skinhead Reggae song-name based drawings.

Several bar drawings

...when I get bored at work/ work the day time and stay in the pub after the day shift!