Wednesday, 25 March 2009

4th April with Manatees & Chien

This is the flyer:

Shame it's a bare necessities "promotions" gig which means no-one'll turn up apart from the bands' mates. Nice one, Dave.

AUTHOR - Primary Survival Needs

Here's some of my stuff that helps me on my way on a day to day basis.
Art stuff:
Fags n rubicon:
Shitly drawn phone and Student ID, Keys:
2 Hydrogens and an Oxygen:
Booze, Coffee, MiniDisc (i will never forsake you), Guitars.
My get up- Harrington, hoodie, badges, braces, Jeans.
14 hole steel toe cap DMs! Bovver boots matey!
Daft drawings and word-play.

These are only a few pages but you get the general idea, would take forever to scan all of it in!
Basically just stuff I like, doesn't really help me survive..
Even so, my top 5 survival needs (in terms of choosing them so the costume I make, inspired by said needs, will look interesting) are:
  • Music (represented by guitar)
  • Drawing (represented by fineliner)
  • Tobacky
  • Booze
  • Nothing else!